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Bright Moon Festival Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 10:41   Engineering   Adūr   52 views
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"Why are you crying, madam?"? Were you frightened by the nightmare just now? When Yihan came in with a cup of water, he saw two long lines of tears hanging on his face, and his big eyes were empty and blank, as if he had left his soul. She hurriedly put down the cup and went forward to call the wedding twice, but there was no response. She was a little anxious, and stretched out her hand to push Jiashi, who was shivering all over as if she had just woken up from a dream, and her eyes were shining again. Me, what's wrong with me? Eye socket stings, reach out to wipe on the face, but all wet. Yihan breathed a sigh of relief. He took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and gently wiped her face. "Maybe you didn't wake up just now. After sitting down and falling asleep, you fell asleep again. Are you all awake now?" Jiashi sniffed and nodded. Did she have a nightmare? But she wasn't dreaming. She knew she was awake, she knew she was trembling, but she couldn't remember why she was crying. That's good. The way you looked just now really scared the maidservant. Come on, drink some water first, or eat something later? You don't look very well. Yihan turned around and brought the cup to the front of the wedding to feed her some, only to find that her face, which had been unusually blue and white because of excessive blood loss, was now white and bloodless, like a piece of cotton paper, and even the color of her lips had become much lighter, and Fang's heart was raised again. After drinking more than half a glass of water, I felt a little better, but I felt very tired and my head was in a daze. She didn't listen to what Yihan said, but nodded like a conditioned reflex. "Well, the maidservant will go and tell the little kitchen to bring up a bowl of walnut cheese, and you can eat it before you go to bed." Yihan said and went out again with an empty cup. As soon as Yihan stepped out of the small ear room,steatite c221, the wind direction of the night wind blowing into the room deviated a little, and a black figure appeared silently out of thin air at the bedside of the wedding. Good time, good time.. The low, almost inaudible voice had drifted away with the wind before it could be heard. The black figure stretched out her hand and gently covered Jiashi's eyes. Her breathing immediately became smooth and long, and her whole body tilted to one side. The figure carefully moved her to the bed to sleep well, and carefully tucked her in the thin quilt. With a gentle wave of his slender fingers, the window, which had been wide open, immediately closed most of it automatically. The man looked at the wedding in silence for a while, until the footsteps of the letter sounded outside again. "Have some walnut cheese, madam." "Yihan came in with a bowl of sweetly steaming cheese, but what he saw was a good time to fall asleep in bed." Ha ha, this time know to lie down to sleep, good good. Also before the letter looked carefully, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,alumina c799, the wedding sleep is extremely sweet, pale lips also faintly visible a smile, "it seems that this is a good dream." Yihan put the bowl of walnut cheese into the small stewpot sitting in the corner of the room to warm it, then stretched greatly, undressed and slept on the small couch, without noticing that a pair of black eyes on the beam flashed, and finally all disappeared into darkness. It was not long before the Mid-Autumn Festival. During this period of time, I read a lot of books and finally learned some news about the country where she is currently located. For example, the country where she is currently located is called Konglan, which is one of the six major powers in the mainland of China. It is famous for its rich literati and celebrities. Although its achievements in pilgrimage are mediocre, at least it is well-maintained. And early set up the prince, so far the whole royal family shows the peaceful appearance of brothers and brothers, if it can go on like this, then the empty Lan country can continue to flourish for at least a hundred years. And this Wei family great cause, although in the eyes of outsiders his family is a businessman, but as early as the third generation of the Wei family has been in the examination of Jinshi into the official, these generations have also had their own scholars in succession, so although the Wei family in the power of the core is not up to the power, but also not to be underestimated. No matter how you look at it, Jiashi thinks that the Wei family is a very blessed family. Festivals in Konglan are similar to those in China. The Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 is also a day for family reunion and moon appreciation. The Wei family is a family that attaches great importance to tradition, so on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are banquets in the inner and outer courtyards. Just when she could barely walk on the ground, she was called by the old lady to attend the gathering of women in the inner courtyard. However, to her surprise, Wei Yang also asked to go with her. Maybe I want to see grandma at the party. Jiashi thought so in his heart, so he answered. So when the old lady and several aunts saw Wei Yang and Jiashi come in at the same time, they were all shocked, and the old lady even looked so happy that she was about to faint. Yang Er, you, have you been able to walk so far? Are you tired? Are your feet sore? Come to Grandmother and let her have a good look. The old lady's tears of joy flowed out, and without waiting for Wei Yang to come over, she jumped down from the first seat and walked quickly to him, pulling him to her seat. Wei Yang's face darkened when he saw the empty seat of the old lady's head, and his mother did not come over. The old lady saw through what he was thinking at a glance. She patted his little hand comfortingly and said, "Your mother doesn't like to be busy, and she has to walk such a long way from Qingjingzhai. The night dew is cold. I'm afraid she'll get cold again, so let her not come out reluctantly.". I have asked Jiang Zhu to send food and moon cakes in the past. In fact, they are all in the same garden, enjoying a bright moon, which does not matter. Worried about spoiling the old lady's pleasure, Wei Yang pursed his lips and nodded slightly. "Yes, my grandson understands." The old lady's eyes were red again. Crimson Pearl quickly took a towel to wipe her tears. She hugged Wei Yang and sobbed, "You are such a sweet child. You are like a little adult. That's why your grandmother is so distressed." As soon as the old lady was sad, the aunts at the bottom also picked up their scarves and touched their eyes one after another, and the scene was no longer as lively as it had just been. Jiashi stood behind Wei Yang with his hands in his sleeves and watched him fall in love with the old lady's grandparents and grandchildren,Kamado bbq grill, but his injured leg, which had not yet fully recovered, had been trembling with pain. global-ceramics.com

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Qin Huanhuan's twentieth birthday is coming. Jane Zeyan has secretly bought a diamond ring, waiting for Qin Huanhuan to propose to her on her birthday. But In the past two years, Qin Huanhuan has never mentioned the matter of marrying Jane Zeyan at the age of twenty, and Jane Zeyan's heart is somewhat uncertain about Qin Huanhuan's meaning. What if she doesn't want to marry him again? No, no, no. She has to marry him. Jian Zeyan felt that he would never love anyone else in his life. In this life, Qin Huanhuan is none other than him. On the night of Qin Huanhuan's birthday, Jian Zeyan called Qin Huanhuan to the most prosperous and lively square in their city, then sat down in the center of the square and sang a love song to Qin Huanhuan with his log-colored guitar. When Jian Zeyan was singing a love song, some people thought he was singing and put money beside him. Qin Huanhuan sat on one side of the stone pier, looking at Jane Zeyan's instantly dark face, laughing so that his stomach ached and wanted to cramp. Finally, at the end of a love song, the neon lights of the square lit up in an instant, dyeing the sky into seven colors. Qin Huanhuan, marry me! This book is from httpbook HTML Chapter 2206 doctor uncle, seek treatment 68. Chapter 2206 doctor uncle,ceramic bobbin heater, seek treatment 68. At this moment, Jane Zeyan suddenly knelt down on one knee and took out the ring he had already prepared from his pocket. Only then did the people in the square realize that they were going to propose marriage, and the people who had just given money to Jane Zeyan were all a little embarrassed. After the embarrassment, the crowd began to heckle, so that Qin Huanhuan quickly agreed to Jane Zeyan's proposal. Qin Huanhuan's ear square century clock reminds the sound of eight o'clock and the sound of Jane Zeyan's proposal mixed together, she suddenly laughed. Marry me. Jian Zeyan looked at Qin Huanhuan seriously and said,10g Ozone Generator, "For the rest of your life, I will never let you suffer a little grievance again.". It's my fault that I didn't meet you earlier. In the future, I would like to make up for all I missed with my whole life. Qin Huanhuan Wen Yan, still did not stand up. Square, everyone looked at the indifferent Qin Huanhuan, the heart is a little anxious for Jane Zeyan, began to persuade Qin Huanhuan. Say yes! "Promise him!"! Promise him! "Such a handsome man, the beauty does not promise to be careful of others to take advantage of the void ah!" Listening to the words of the crowd, Qin Huanhuan's smile widened again. Huanhuan.. Jian Zeyan looked at Qin Huanhuan like this, the heart also beat a drum. Could it be. Qin Huanhuan's life in the past two years has changed her original idea and she doesn't want to marry him now? Thinking of this, Jian Zeyan felt a dull pain in his heart. Could it be. Has time worn down Qin Huanhuan's feelings for him? However, obviously when they are together, Ceramic Bobbin ,cordierite c520, they are still in love, and no one has ever reduced their love for each other! Jian Zeyan knelt on one knee, his eyes looking at Qin Huanhuan in front of him affectionately and nervously, waiting for her answer. Seeing this, Qin Huanhuan finally chuckled and stood up. If I refuse.. What would you do? Qin Huanhuan stood in front of Jian Zeyan and asked. When Chien Ze-yan heard this, his heart missed a beat as if he were weightless, and he kept falling. You Will you refuse? Jane Zeyan rolled his Adam's apple twice and asked nervously. What do you think? Qin Huanhuan asked. I don't think so. How could she refuse him when she loved him? Hearing this, Qin Huanhuan's smile deepened again. "If.." she said. What will you do if I refuse you now? Chien Ze-yan took a few deep breaths before saying, "Keep begging." Qin Huanhuan is none other than him, and he will never give up in his life. In that case. Then come back tomorrow! Qin Huanhuan waved his hand and said without much care. Come back tomorrow? Jian Zeyan frowned and thought for a moment before he understood what Qin Huanhuan meant. You say Let me propose to you tomorrow? Jian Zeyan asked. Uh-huh Qin Huanhuan nodded. Hearing this, Jian Zeyan's heart was instantly put back into his stomach, but he still had some doubts. Why. "" What's the difference between today and tomorrow? "Because.." Qin Huanhuan blinked his eyes and said, "I don't want to take advantage of you. The anniversary of the proposal and the birthday can't be on the same day!"! I want two gifts! Poof. Jian Ze Yan's heart is really mixed at this time. He thought of thousands of reasons, but never thought that Qin Huanhuan refused him because he wanted to receive two gifts. Qin Huanhuan. Chien Ze-yan was dumbfounded and said, "Even on the same day, I will prepare two gifts for you every year, OK?" "Really?" Qin Huanhuan raised his eyebrows. Jian Zeyan nodded affirmatively. "Well.." Qin Huanhuan seemed to think for a moment, and then stretched out his hand to Jane Zeyan, "Well, I promise you." When Jian Zeyan heard this, his eyes disappeared in an instant. He took out the ring and put it on several times with trembling hands before putting it on Qin Huanhuan's hand. Looking at his carefully selected ring embedded in Qin Huanhuan's slender fingers at this time, Jane Zeyan was more excited than ever. He finally got his little girl down! Add five to the favorable rating, and the task completion is 100%. The world is over! Ahem, it's the seventh watch today. I have to get up early tomorrow morning to pick up Zha Shuang at the airport, and I have to pack up my things quickly. This book is from httpbook HTML Chapter 2207 doctor uncle, seek treatment (extra chapter). Chapter 2207 doctor uncle, ask for treatment. The task is completed. Task Reward: Seven years of life, 7000 points, 15 base points. Host existing skills: sweet voice, Guzheng, once cried, tools: positioning system, prying eyes, universal books, one-time ability: into the dream x1 base point 30, integral 41000, life 147 years. At the moment when Jian Zeyan put the ring on Qin Huanhuan's hand, the fountain in the square, which had not sprayed water for a day,Ozone generator ceramic plate, suddenly sprayed water as if congratulating the two people. Jian Zeyan and Qin Huanhuan, as well as a large number of people watching the play, were all caught in the rain. The square screamed in an instant. global-ceramics.com