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Devour the soul against the sky Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 10:35   Engineering   Adūr   4 views
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With the hundreds of thousands of holy knights to join, immediately eased the tense situation of personnel, in the war of sneak attack and anti-sneak attack with Warcraft, although Liu Feng's command is very timely and appropriate, but the gap in strength still caused great losses to the human side, although the proportion of human death occupies the right advantage, basically ten Warcraft died. To offset a strong human being. However, the base difference between the two is too far, and the gap between the number of one hundred thousand Warcraft and one thousand strong human beings is too big. Liu Feng stood in the camp with satisfaction, watching the holy knights in order to absorb the common sense of the crystal nucleus, these holy knights are much better than those ordinary warriors, ordinary warriors sacrificed a hundred people, there may be only one can completely absorb the power of the crystal nucleus, and these holy knights about every twenty or thirty people can succeed. As the people of the Holy Gate said, as the war continues, the power of Warcraft is constantly being consumed, while the power of human beings is constantly being strengthened. Santos? Who is this girl? Liu Feng is preparing to give the next wave of holy knights to bless, but found himself a member of the death sickle led a girl toward his own, the Santos was also a small captain of the death sickle,whirlpool bathtub, the successful absorption of crystal nucleus promotion after the lifting of the ban after Liu Feng, now has the strength of the peak of the holy order, and because of birth death sickle, The ability to hide the breath is quite amazing, this period of time can be regarded as outstanding military exploits. Liu Feng may not remember clearly about other people, but he knows very well about the sickle of death under his command, including everyone's personality characteristics and experiences. This Young master. This girl also wants to change the soul of the beast. That one Santos's face was slightly red,massage bathtub manufacturers, his tone of voice was somewhat coy, and he looked at Liu Feng with some evasion in his eyes. Liu Feng was a little surprised, looked at the girl, the girl's appearance is quite beautiful, but the breath on the body is not any unusual, obviously just an ordinary girl, want to hide the breath in front of Liu Feng is basically impossible, unless the girl has a first-class god-level power. She. Do the beast soul change? Are you sure? Liu Feng pointed to the girl and asked curiously, Santos is a very calm soldier in Liu Feng's impression, but the proposal just put forward is really a bit strange, the success rate of the beast soul change is very low, the more physical quality is not enough, the more unlikely to succeed. The average soldier can only maintain a success rate of one percent, endless pool swim spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, if replaced by this kind of soldier's physical quality is much worse than the ordinary girl, Liu Feng basically can not see any hope of success. Volume 16 Chapter 1020 The Changing War Situation (Part I) "I also know it's unlikely." But young master. He was very insistent. Santos continued with Ai Ai. Liu Feng looked at Santos's face, and then looked at the girl, this just understood some things, can not help but be very funny: "Santos, your brain is out of water?"? The girl you like still wants him to take the risk? When the girl heard what Liu Feng said, she blushed, but her expression was still very insistent: "Master Nicholas, this is what I insist on. It has nothing to do with Santos. Please help me." Liu Feng slanted his head and looked at it for a while. Then he smiled: "Reason." "My relatives and friends have been killed by Warcraft, I want revenge, if I can only watch helplessly, I will feel that life is worse than death." The girl said firmly, and the blush on her little face seemed to become unusually attractive, because the brilliance of this firmness seemed to be particularly dazzling. Liu Feng looked at it for a while and then nodded: "Well, since this is your insistence, I respect your choice, but you have to know that such a transformation, with your current physical quality, the possibility of success may be only one in ten thousand, you have to be prepared.". ” With that, he turned into the underground space specially opened up for the safe care of those who fused the crystal nucleus. As for girls and Santos, since they chose to fuse the crystal nucleus, someone would naturally arrange it. Liu Feng never liked to intervene in specific things. He would only tell his men a general direction. As for the steps to complete, of course, it was done by others. As a leader, all you need is to grasp the direction of progress, and other things can not be grasped in detail. It is impossible for anyone to have such energy. After about ten days, these holy knights finally all completed the screening of the fusion crystal nucleus, hundreds of thousands of holy knights, the final success of the fusion crystal nucleus reached the holy order of power to reach more than six thousand people, and even a few people successfully fused the crystal nucleus of the sub-god level, Liu Feng's strength suddenly grew a lot. Confidence in the entire campaign swelled again. Although Liu Feng had confidence in defeating Warcraft from the very beginning, the power in his hands was too weak at that time, and human beings were at an absolute disadvantage in any way, but now, the contrast of power is gradually tilting, and Liu Feng believes that it won't be long before the contrast of power between human beings and Warcraft will reach a balance. Humans who fight at home will have a greater advantage. After all, Warcraft has been away from this continent for too long, ten thousand years, can change, not only the strength of human beings, but also the sense of belonging that slowly emerges! The most unexpected thing about Liu Feng is that the girl has also completed the fusion of the crystal nucleus. The process of the original fusion of the crystal nucleus is a thorough change and evolution of the body. With the girl's physical quality, she has never had any training. It can be said that the degree of vulnerability is no different from a piece of tofu in Liu Feng's view. Such a body,endless pool factory, let alone the fusion crystal nucleus, Even a little bit of energy infusion is a problem, but this girl is a success!. monalisa.com

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At the moment when the Dark Shield exploded, the pupils of the two elders shrank. Because they saw, a figure, is a ghostly appearance in front of them, purple and gold light rose into the sky, thousands of purple and gold dragon patterns roared to the sky, the ancient sound of dragon singing resounded through the sky. Roar! Purple gold dragon claw, instantly tearing space, with a huge shadow, mercilessly patted the two elders whose faces had changed somewhat. The shadow came over. The terrible power is to directly make the space present a violent sense of distortion. Then the two elders also shouted loudly and waved their palms. The palms have extremely rich samsara fluctuation condensation, which makes their palms present a kind of white color. Knock! Two people double palm and dragon claw ferocious hard regret, a hurricane is directly formed in the sky, and then everyone is shocked to see, that too long second person, unexpectedly was Qiqi's shock back thousands of feet. There was an uproar, and those who looked at the forest had a thick sense of horror, who would have thought that the latter, with one enemy two, could also occupy such an obvious upper hand, this guy, what kind of terror is it? The elders of the group of elders also looked at this scene with their faces changing dramatically,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and there was a deep uneasiness in their eyes. On the altar, the two black-robed old men were also quite shocked and looked at each other. Unexpectedly, the eldest brother of the temple master was so fierce.. The small face of Pteroceltis tatarinowii is also full of joy, it seems that in the past three years, Lin Dongge has really become much stronger. In the sky, Lin Dong looked indifferently at the two elders who had been shaken back. The strength of these two people was just an ordinary turning wheel. If you really want to talk about combat effectiveness, I'm afraid it's not as good as the three giants of yuanmen who were integrated into the evil spirits of the day. With his current strength, it's not too much trouble to clean them up. Lin moved to stretch out his palm,brushed stainless steel sheet, facing the two men in the distance, and held them gently. Sniff! As he grasped the palm of his hand, he saw that the space around the two elders was distorted in an instant, and then four huge black hole whirlpools emerged from around them. Hum. The black hole whirlpool suddenly whirled, and the terrible devouring force burst out, forming a terrible tearing force, and even the space was torn away at this time. The two elders were also aware of the horror of the tearing force, and immediately broke out with all their strength, frantically resisting the erosion of the tearing force, and then blushed, shouted, and finally broke through from the black hole prison. Boom! But just as they rushed out of the black hole prison, a huge thunder resounded, and then the whole world seemed to be dazzling at this time. Above the sky, a huge thunderbolt of thousands of feet, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, like the light of judgment, crashed down, and finally hit their bodies as fast as lightning. Boom! Two dark shadows fell straight from the sky with black smoke, and finally fell into the dark square in the countless stunned eyes, directly smashing the hard and incomparable square into a huge and deep gully of thousands of feet. But in that gully, two discomfited figures stood reluctantly, staggering, a mouthful of blood could not help spurting out. See this scene, the elders of the elders group, the eyes suddenly can not help a black, a feeling of fear, crazy surge into the heart, their most powerful cards, unexpectedly is such a failure? (Second watch! Only 60 votes away from 250 votes ~ ~ ~ ~ Everyone is still very fierce! Go on and write the third chapter! Chapter 1233 sickle spirit Chapter 1233 Buzz. The whole dark square burst into a huge buzzing sound at this time, and the leaders of all forces from the North Xuanyu looked at the scene dumbfounded, with a thick color of horror on their faces. This just how long time, that two strength to reach the reincarnation of too elder, unexpectedly is defeated? "How is that possible?!" Countless people in the heart in the rolling of this sentence, a line of shocking eyes looking at the sky that in the sky against the background of thunder, like Thor general Lin move, this sudden emergence of the guy who is sacred ah, unexpectedly.. Horrible to such an extent In the sky, Lin Dong looked indifferently at the two men in the huge pit below and said lightly, "Now, am I qualified to say that again?" This time, the whole place was silent, even the elders of the elders are tightly closed their mouths, in addition to some of the most fierce opposition to Pteroceltis tatarinowii elders, the rest of the people's eyes are obviously some flashing, now this do not know where to come out of Pteroceltis tatarinowii eldest brother, strength is obviously extremely terrible, if annoyed him, I'm afraid no one here can stop it. On the altar, the strong people in the dark court had a happy look in their eyes. These two elders were the final cards of the elders. If they didn't work, I'm afraid the elders would never dare to compete with the Lord of the temple again. In the huge pit, the two elders spurted a mouthful of blood, and their old faces turned pale. It was obvious that they were also badly hurt in the face of Lin Dong's fierce attack. You The two elders gritted their teeth. But he looked at the Pteroceltis tatarinowii on the altar and said in a harsh voice, "This is the internal affairs of my temple of darkness. How can you convince people of the position of the head of the temple?!" When Pteroceltis tatarinowii heard this, he gave a sneer and said, "You two elders, what you said is really good. But why didn't you remember your identity when you threatened me before?"? You also know that the seniority is higher than my master. But what is what you did before? Pteroceltis, after all, is no longer that charming little girl, the sharp words a fall, not only made the two elders too pale, even in the square to maintain the neutrality of countless heads of all parties are secretly nodding, why don't you feel ashamed when you rely on your old age to bully people,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, now eat a loss, but it is Lima to take this thing, really when others are blind fool. sxthsteel.com