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Nirvana in Fire Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 10:44   Tourism & Restaurants   Fatehābād   43 views
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If you are shut out by Miss Gong Yu in Miaoyinfang, or if you can't get in line in Yangliuxin and become the lucky one who only receives one person a day, you can go to Hongxiuzhao to seek comfort. The girls here don't have a strange and aloof temper, and they never push the guests out of the door, provided you can afford it. Of course, beautiful girls are very expensive, and the more beautiful girls are, the more expensive they are. But in the city of Jinling, there is no shortage of suckers with a lot of silver. Qin Prajna, who is mysterious and beautiful in Yuwangfu and is highly relied on, is the boss of this red sleeve. But she herself was neither a courtesan nor a musician, and she was really just a boss. Although there is also enough to reverse the beauty of all living beings, but Qin Prajna has never publicly appeared in the tea, the capital knows that she is the real owner of the brothel, not more than three people. In addition to the rolling financial resources, tea recruit to bring another rich income to Qin Prajna,interactive boards for classrooms, is intelligence. When people throw money to buy laughter, it is usually the time when their nerves are most relaxed and their mouths are most relaxed. With a little skill, they can hear a lot of useful things. The girls of Red Sleeve Trick are specially trained to coax the benefactor to say more, talk about all kinds of things, and then write out the general content of what they hear from memory and report it once a day. Qin Prajna spends a lot of time on this pile of unscreened reports, reading hundreds of copies every day,interactive touch screens education, and then picking out useful information from them, and then tracking and understanding them pertinently. But this is not the only way for Qin Prajna to get information. In addition to the people who are still in the dust field, Qin Prajna will specially cultivate some smart girls and find ways to marry them into courtiers'houses as concubines, in order to obtain more little-known information. For King Yu, this beautiful and intelligent woman is no less important than any counsellor in his house. Of course, he hopes that in the near future, this beautiful girl will be more than just his counsellor. This time Qin Prajna discovered that something was wrong, which was seen from a routine report. When a guest was teasing the girl, he said casually, "Come out to play just to have fun. If this girl doesn't have time, she will find the next girl. She doesn't have to hang herself on a tree. Look at He Wenxin. He is jealous in the brothel. What kind of power and prestige does he have?"? No matter how good Miss Xinliu is, it's not as important as her own life. He thought he could escape by relying on his father. It's true. Qin Prajna, smart board whiteboard ,smartboards for business, who was alert to this passage, immediately sent someone to investigate the guest and found that he was a long historian in the palace of the emperor's uncle. He had always been the most lascivious. On the day of the crime, he was also buying sex in Yangliuxin, but he was not at the scene. Qin Prajna's suspicion was not removed, so he sent someone to talk to him once, but the result was a surprising thing. Combined with some known information at hand, Qin Prajna realized the seriousness of the situation, so he immediately went to see King Yu. You said that Uncle Wen yuan already had an important witness in his hand, and that he was only watching the attitude of the Ministry of Punishment before he could endure it? After listening to a few words, King Yu frowned. "How can he be so calm?" "Because Wen yuanbo has lost his trust in the Ministry of Punishment." Qin Prajna's tone is very firm. "According to the current case, there is no shortage of witnesses. As long as the Ministry of Punishment has half a point to deal with fairly, there is no need to add this witness to finalize the case. But if the Ministry of Punishment wants to get Wen Xin off, it is useless for him to put out this witness any more. Instead, it will prepare the Ministry for punishment in vain." King Yu nodded his head slowly. "I see. Do you mean that Uncle Wen yuan is waiting for the Ministry of Punishment to close the case? If he is not satisfied with the verdict, he will take the witness directly to the emperor to cry out for injustice?" "Yes." "Will the emperor believe it?" King Yu sneered, "Uncle Wen yuan is so hot-headed that he thinks things are too simple. How can you be nervous?". The Ministry of Punishment will certainly handle the details well. What's the use of relying solely on Wen yuanbo to bring someone to the emperor with red lips and white teeth? Qin Prajna's eyes like autumn water rippled lightly: "Others can't, but this witness can." King Yu was stunned when he saw what she said solemnly. "Please forgive Prajna for his dereliction of duty. The scene was chaotic that day and there were many witnesses. I was negligent when I was ordered to investigate the case. I didn't notice that one of all the witnesses detained by Jing Zhaoyin was missing.." Qin Prajna pursed the corners of his mouth, and a shallow dimple flashed on his cheek, which made her show a trace of charm in a serious expression. "Later, the famous long history of Ji Wangfu said something that made me suspicious, so I checked it again, and found that it was not Jing Zhaoyin Gaosheng who missed the biography, but this man could not be detained at all.." "Tell me, who is this witness?" "Lord Ji." King Yu was taken aback. "Uncle Ji?" "Yes, there were two guests in the small building where the crime was committed that day, one of whom was Prince Ji.". He should be.. Witnessed the whole thing. "Oh, that's difficult!" Yu Wang's forehead was overcast. "Although Ji Wang Shu ignored the affairs of the court, he only loved the wind, flowers, snow and moon, and leaned against the red and green, but his temperament was very upright. As long as Wen yuanbo begged him, he would be willing to tell the truth in front of the emperor.." "That's right.". Perhaps because he felt that there were so many witnesses, he did not need to come forward again. Ji Wang Ye took his wives and concubines to the hot spring village for a short stay on the second day of the case, so he did not understand the situation behind the trial, so there was no movement, which led to our failure to find out that he was also one of the witnesses. "Alas." King Yu fell down on the chair,smart board interactive whiteboard, twirling the bridge of his nose between his eyes with his fingers. His expression was very embarrassed. "Uncle Ji is not easy to deal with, and the king can't talk to him for the sake of a vassal's son.". If Wen yuanbo really asked Ji Wangshu to cry out for him, the Ministry of Punishment would never get better. It seems He Wenxin can't be saved. hsdsmartboard.com

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