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Otaku's One Mu and Two Parts of Land (1) Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 10:45   IT & Telecoms   Davangere   42 views
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Is there any use for a man to be so beautiful? Shining black hair, eyes like buds, skin like plum snow in full bloom. Cold and noble, even wearing a white cotton robe, it does not damage his temperament and demeanor at all. When Zi Xian first saw him, he said, "Are you also a member of the Silver Moon clan?" "The beautiful patient gave a disdainful glance." What's your name Zi Xian asked again. The boy still ignored him and just stared out of the window. But Zixian has been staring at such a stunning little face. Zi Xian did not know that if someone had dared to glance at him without his consent half a month ago, his eyes would definitely have been gouged out. Not to mention staring at it like that. Si Shui ".". Then the patient turned and went back to bed. I haven't reflected it for a long time. It's reasonable to say that I should be tired of staring at it every day. But I don't know why as long as you touch this face, you can't move your eyes. The beauty that returns on the bed is looking at the cement pillar that still is there in a daze to scold secretly: "Idiot". Then closed his eyes, Si Shui felt that he did not hate him, from his eyes he saw pure appreciation. There is no trace of obscenity, uncleanness and immorality. The man was as simple as the snow crystal in his mansion. Clean, bright, dazzling, warm and nostalgic. Watching the ten Amrit people from silent obedience to now from the bottom of their hearts respect him as their master. More than ten days of careful and meticulous care. Let him feel the warmth and reassurance he has never felt before. Here he did not have to worry about whether he had ulterior motives, whether there were superfluous things in his meals, and whether someone was watching him covetously late at night. What a strange man! It is so considerate to everyone,smart whiteboard price, including those slaves who are not of much use. That's why the man named Ray did his best to defend him! It's a shame that Ray is a slave. It was good to meet him! Si Shui fell asleep with a smile and this idea. These days, Ying Zixian felt that the atmosphere of Ju going downstairs was strange. No, it should be said that they became very strange after seeing Si Shui from Lei. Several of them smiled inexplicably as soon as they saw him. Ray patted him on the shoulder. "Be careful!"! Never let him go out. It's strange that such a beautiful person has never been heard of in the central continent. "What a blessing!" The light rain and the small wind sighed together. As soon as the others saw him, they blinked their eyes as if they had cramps. At this time, on the way to the country of incense, there were several corpses, all of which were killed by one blow,thermal imaging camera, and none of their belongings were lost. If Zixian had seen it, he would have been shocked, because that group of people were the peddlers and thugs in the slave market. So the expression of the dead, as if to see the most terrible thing in the world. Soon, these corpses were eaten by wild animals in the forest, leaving only the white skeleton, and no one knew that there were fewer people in the world. Chapter 6 Ying Zixian, who had always wanted to see a certain magic, finally got what he wanted. Chrysanthemum downstairs became one of the most famous restaurants in Mochizuki Castle. Of course, gossip is abundant. The city of Mochizuki holds a magic contest, and every flat name from all over the world can participate. "The news was spreading in the chrysanthemum downstairs, and Ying Zixian's heart was full of tears." Ray, digital whiteboard price ,face recognition identification kiosk, is there anything interesting about this tournament? Is there a prize for winning? Xiao Feng and Ying Zixian lay on the counter together and asked Lei, who was settling accounts. What's fun in the tournament? The prize this time? Looks like a unicorn horn. God crossbow, golden-winged bird, in fact, this is not important, the important thing is that if the royal family took a fancy to it, maybe you can get promoted and make a fortune. But it's none of your business. Go to work. Ying Zixian is holding a small ninety-nine in his heart. Find a chance to sneak out and have a look! Because Ray they watch him very closely, do not understand them, even if the nobles rob people in the street can not rob his head, if he is a nobleman to rob as beautiful as Si Shui. Their own appearance is not even comparable to that green, and they worry about it blindly. Si Shui, Si Shui, they say there's a game. Let's go and see it, too! As usual, Ying Zixian rushed up to find the beautiful patient to share the latest news. The beauty, who was half lying on the couch outside the window, played with a dazzling ball of light in her hand and turned to look at him. What's there to see in all that third-rate magic? The ball of light gave off a brilliant blue light. Ying Zixian stared at the blue ball of light between his long white fingers and could not speak. This This is "Pointing to the ball of light, Ying Zixian stammered.". With a snort, Si Shui immediately gathered his palm, and after a flash of dazzling light, the ball of light was compressed into a blue ball of light the size of a marble from the palm of his hand. Thumb size of the ball, the convergence of all the light. Then someone took out a multicolored silk thread from somewhere and threw it on Ying Zixian's head. The silk thread shone and slowly fell into Ying Zixian's neck, and then slowly shrank to the right length. Si Shui, what is this? It looks like a girl's jewelry. A hard pull, damn it! It won't come off. The white hands stopped the hands that wanted to pull the silk thread again. What's there to see in those martial arts and magic? There is no magic in my hometown! I used to be very good at martial arts, and then I lost it. The martial arts of the Chinese nation are almost lost. Are you going or not? There is magic to see, and Ying Zixian, the instigator of Si Shui, also has an inside story. If he just said he wanted to see it, Lei, the big manager, would never agree. If you pull the water, Ray will have nothing to say. This is ideal. The wishful thinking is crackling, and the child is idle and smiling beautifully. This simple guy. Looking at Zixian, who did not know where his mind was, Si Shui shook his head and smiled. No wonder the detonator is so strict with him; in this place where power reigns, if no one is in charge of him, I'm afraid there will be no bones left! Remembering a few days ago, next to the lake in Houlin. Ray,digital signage kiosk, the hiding guy, secretly asked him out for a meeting. Who the hell are you? As soon as we met, Ray asked him straight to the point. hsdtouch.com

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